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  1. Power Components

    1.2kW GaN FET Half-Bridge Synchronous Buck or Boost Evaluation Board

    The TDHBG1200DC100 half-bridge evaluation board from Transphorm provides the elements of a simple buck or boost converter, using the Transphorm daughter card...

  2. Automotive Electronics

    Delphi Technologies to Partner with Cree for Automotive Silicon Carbide Devices

    Delphi Technologies PLC and Cree, Inc. have announced a partnership to utilize silicon carbide semiconductor device technology to enable faster, smaller, lighter...

  3. Test and Measurement

    High-Performance Oscilloscope Doubles Maximum Bandwidth to 16GHz

    With new 13GHz and 16GHz models, the R&S RTP high-performance oscilloscope family from Rohde & Schwarz  (R&S) is now scalable from the...

  4. Components

    Discovery Kits and Firmware Kickstart Digital Power and Motor Control Projects

    STMicroelectronics has extended support for STM32G4 microcontrollers, delivering digital power and motor control Discovery Kits and adding new firmware examples in the...

  5. Automotive Electronics

    Delphi and Cree Partner on 800V SiC Inverter to Cut EV Charging Time in Half

    Delphi Technologies is the first in the industry with volume production of an 800V silicon carbide (SiC) inverter, one of the key...

  6. Components

    Low-Cost Version of 600V Half-Bridge Driver IC

    Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announced its coming launch of a low-cost half-bridge driver high-voltage (600V) integrated circuit (HVIC) that achieves low pricing and...

  7. Renewable Energy

    Reactor Turns Carbon Dioxide Gas into Liquid Fuel for Fuel Cells

    A common greenhouse gas could be repurposed in an efficient and environmentally friendly way with an electrolyzer that uses renewable electricity to...

  8. Components

    Automotive-Qualified 200V Low-Noise Diodes Excel in Audio Amplifiers

    Power Integrations announced that its 200V Qspeed™ diodes - LQ10N200CQ and LQ20N200CQ - are now available with AEC-Q101 automotive qualification. Qspeed silicon...

  9. Automotive Electronics

    Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi to use STMicro SiC for High-Speed EV Battery Charging

    STMicroelectronics has been chosen to supply high-efficiency silicon-carbide (SiC) power electronics by Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi (Alliance) for advanced on-board chargers (OBCs) in its upcoming...

  10. Power Supplies

    Configurable Power Supplies Shorten Time to Market for Medical Applications

    Cosel Co, Ltd today announced a complete line up of configurable ac-dc power supplies for medical applications, the AME series. Based on...

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