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  1. Automotive Electronics

    100kW Inverter with 800V Power Bus and GaN Power Switches – Reference Design

    VisIC Technologies Ltd. today claimed a breakthrough using GaN for 800V power-bus motor inverter that can be used for a cost-effective EV...

  2. Power Supplies

    Transphorm’s GaN Used in HZZH’s 98 Percent Efficient 3kW Power Module

    Transphorm Inc. confirmed that Hangzhou Zhongheng Electric Co., Ltd (HZZH) has developed an ultra-efficient, GaN-based power module. The 3kW ZHR483KS uses Transphorm’s...

  3. Components

    EPC Announces 80V / 12.5A Half-Bridge GaN Power IC and Dev Board

    Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) announces the introduction of an 80V, 12.5A ePower™ stage integrated circuit designed for 48V dc-dc conversion used in...

  4. Motors and Control

    High Resolution Encoder Handles High Acceleration Stepper Motors

    The extremely high dynamic of large disc magnet stepper motors often relies on closed loop control to maximize performances while limiting power...

  5. Switch-Mode Power

    15W Quasi-Resonant Flyback AC-DC Power Supply – Reference Design

    The STEVAl-ISA171V1 reference design from STMicroelectronics implements a 15 W ac-dc power supply designed in quasi-resonant flyback topology for a wide-range input...

  6. Components

    4-A / 6-A, Isolated Dual-Channel Gate Driver for SiC and Si Power Switches

    The AEC-Q100-qualified UCC21320-Q1 from Texas Instruments is an isolated dual-channel gate driver with 4-A source and 6-A sink peak current. It is designed...

  7. Motors and Control

    300W DC Motor Control Shield for Arduino

    The BLDC-SHIELD_IFX007T (BL)DC motor control shield from Infineon Technologies is a high current motor control board compatible with Arduino and Infineon’s XMC4700...

  8. Batteries and Portable Power

    “All Polymer Battery” Startup APB Closes ¥8 Billion Financing

    APB Corporation (APB), a pioneer in development of next-generation lithium-ion batteries called “All Polymer Battery,” has raised about ¥8 billion (approx. US$80...

  9. Power Supplies

    75W DIN Rail Power Supply is 27mm Slim

    Delta has introduced the slimmest model in the Lyte series of DIN rail power supplies. It is a 75W DIN Rail at...

  10. Components

    Standalone VBUS-Powered Controller for 5V USB-C Charging Applications

    The STUSB4500L from STMicroelectronics is a small-footprint addition to the Company’s USB-C controller IC family designed and certified for pure 5V sink-only...

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