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  1. 1.5K

    24V 36W AC-DC Reference Design with a Quasi-Resonant Controller

    The EVHFC0100HS-00A evaluation board from Monolithic Power Systems provides a reference design for a universal offline power supply with 24V, 1.5A output....

  2. 1.4K
    Power Components

    3-Volt Ultracapacitor Platform offers Higher Energy and Power

    Maxwell Technologies, Inc. today announced the launch of a new full-featured 3.0-volt (3.0V) product platform. With the introduction of these next generation...

  3. 1.3K

    Ultra-Low-Power PMIC Enables Highest Sensitivity Optical Measurements

    Designers of always-on wearable and internet of things (IoT) devices now have an easier way to extend battery runtime while shrinking form...

  4. 1.2K
    Batteries and Portable Power

    1425Wh Portable Multi-Port Energy Storage with 1.5kW Inverter

    Goal Zero has introduced the Yeti Home Energy Storage ecosystem: the Yeti Expansion System. Comprised of the Yeti Link Expansion Module and...

  5. 921
    Power Supplies

    2W and 4W Medical DC-DCs Deliver Full Power to 75 Degrees C

    The MPS(H)02 (2-Watt) and MPS(H)04 (4-Watt) dc-dc converter series from PDuke Power are designed for medical applications. They have been approved by...

  6. 812
    Power Supplies

    1W/3W Ultralight Non-isolated AC-DC Converters with 85- to 305-Vac Input

    Mornsun recently launched an ultralight compact size non-isolated ac-dc converter series the LSxx-K3BxxSS, which requires minimal peripheral components, features flexible use, and...

  7. 810

    Accelerometer Operates at Less Than 1µA

    Kionix, a ROHM subsidiary, announced the KX13x Series, a new product family of accelerometers that the company created to provide superior performance, and improve the capability...

  8. 787
    Power Components

    Cree Agrees to Supply STMicroelectronics with SiC Wafers

    Cree, Inc. announced that it agreed to produce and supply its Wolfspeed® silicon carbide (SiC) wafers to STMicroelectronics. The agreement relates to...

  9. 769
    Power Supplies

    GaN-Based Conduction Cooled AC-DCs Pack 504W in 4” x 2.4” Footprint

    TDK Corporation has announced the introduction of the conduction cooled TDK-Lambda PFH500F-28 ac-dc power modules.  The power supplies deliver 504W at 28V,...

  10. 727
    Wireless Power

    Automotive In-Cabin Wireless Power Demonstrator at CES 2019

    Ossia, Inc. announced that its joint venture with Motherson Innovations, MothersonOssia, will present an Automotive Wireless Power Demonstrator at CES 2019 January...

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