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  1. Power Components

    1400W 12V High-Efficiency Phase-Shift Full-Bridge Evaluation Board

    The EVAL_1K4W_ZVS_FB_SMD dc-dc converter evaluation board proves the feasibility of using a phase-shift full-bridge (PSFB) topology as high efficiency topology at the...

  2. Power Supplies

    First AC-DC Power Supply for Immerged Computing Applications from Powerbox

    Powerbox has released its ‘industry first’ ac-dc power supply solution for immerged applications such as hyper loaded computing machines. The OFI600A12 is...

  3. Components

    6000Vdc High Isolation Automotive Transformer

    Mornsun has launched the CTTH0505-1T automotive transformer. This new compact size CTTH0505-1T transformer has an isolation voltage of up to 6000Vdc, and...

  4. Components

    Compact, High-Performance Disk Varistors for AC-DC Power Supplies

    TDK Corporation presents the EPCOS Compact S14 AdvanceD-MP series of metal oxide disk varistors that feature smaller dimensions with the same excellent...

  5. Power Supplies

    Navitas GaN Power IC Enables Credit-Card-Size 100W Charger

    HYPER by Sanho Corporation announced HyperJuice: the world’s first 100W GaN (Gallium Nitride) charger. HyperJuice supports worldwide universal 100- to 240-Vac voltage...

  6. Motion Control

    Dana Expands Lineup for Electrified Agriculture Equipment

    Dana Incorporated today unveiled new e-Mobility technologies that improve the performance of drive and work functions for field sprayers and telehandlers used...

  7. Motors and Control

    Power Electronics Innovation Enables Transformerless VFDs

    Nidec ASI is presenting its new medium-voltage variable frequency drive at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC), one of...

  8. Motors and Control

    Three-Phase Inverter for Brushless DC Motors – Evaluation Board

    The new EVSPIN32F0251S1 evaluation board from STMicroelectronics is a 3-phase complete dc-ac inverter based on the STSPIN32F0251 controller, which embeds a 3‑phase 250V...

  9. Components

    Hybrid PLC/Wireless Communications Added to Smart-Meter Chipset

    STMicroelectronics is facilitating smarter city and industry infrastructures through the combination of powerline and wireless communication in its market-proven smart-meter chipset. Already...

  10. Components

    3-Phase BLDC Fan Driver Lowers Data Center Energy Use and Improves Safety

    Allegro MicroSystems has launched the world’s first 3-phase BLDC fan driver IC with integrated power loss brake (PLB) features. The A89331 code-free,...

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