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  1. Components

    6.6kW Bidirectional CLLLC Resonant Dual Active Bridge Reference Design

    The TIDM-02002 CLLLC resonant dual active bridge (DAB) with bidirectional power flow capability and soft switching characteristics is a reference design from...

  2. Components

    300mA Synchronous Step-Down DC-DCs with Integrated Controller

    Maxim Integrated launched the Himalaya series of voltage regulator ICs and power modules. According to the company, the devices enable cooler, smaller,...

  3. Packaging and Cooling

    Microconvective Cooling Produces Very High Heat Transfer Coefficients

    JETCOOL Technologies recently unveiled their new approach to cooling computer processors and other electronics, winning the MIT spinoff the title of Next...

  4. Power Components

    Kemet Tantalum Capacitors No Longer Subject to Chinese Tariffs

    Kemet Corporation reported that the U.S. Trade Representative approved its request to have tantalum polymer capacitors excluded from the Section 301 Chinese...

  5. Components

    Single-Chip 65W Buck/Boost USB Type-C Charger with Integrated FETs

    Silicon Mitus, Inc. launched SM58IP04, a single-chip buck-boost USB Type-C Narrow VDC (NVDC) charger targeting 2S/3S and 4S battery applications. The charger...

  6. Components

    Low-Power Switching Regulator with 60nA IQ Extends Battery Life in IoT Designs

    Texas Instruments (TI) introduced an ultra-low-power switching regulator with the industry’s lowest operating quiescent current (IQ) at 60nA – 1/3 that of...

  7. Components

    Compact LED Drivers Deliver 90% Efficiency & Meet CISPR 25 EMI Specs

    Designers of high-performance automotive lighting applications now have a simpler, more efficient method for driving high-brightness LEDs (HBLEDs) with the MAX25610A and...

  8. Motors and Control

    Networked Servo Drives with Motion Controller plus Multi-Protocol Ethernet

    Nidec Control Techniques has added three new products to its motion control portfolio. These new products include an Ethernet-onboard model of its...

  9. Energy Harvesting

    Channeling Heat into Light that can be Converted to Electricity

    The ever-more-humble carbon nanotube may be just the device to make solar panels – and anything else that loses energy through heat...

  10. Components

    Precise and Robust Current Sensing – Infineon’s new XENSIV TLI4971 is suited for currents up to 120A

    By Jutta Heinzelmann, Manager Product Marketing, Magnetic Current Sensors and Theodor Kranz, Application Engineer, Magnetic Current Sensors at Infineon Technologies It is...

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