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  1. 382

    1200V / 150A SiC-MOSFET Module Features High Reliability and Low Losses

    Sansha Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (SanRex) has begun mass production of silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET modules with two elements at 1200V withstand...

  2. 266
    Packaging and Cooling

    Expanded Orion Fans Facility Boosts Capacity

    Orion Fans has added an 18,000 square foot addition to its Dallas-based North American headquarters. With the facility expansion, Orion Fans says...

  3. 321
    Power Components

    Accelerated Development Kits Unlock the Full Potential of SiC MOSFET Modules

    AgileSwitch, LLC has introduced the ASDAK (Augmented Switching™ Accelerated Development Kit) for power electronics engineers working with new SiC MOSFET modules.  Applications...

  4. 249
    Power Components

    Vishay Launches Standard-Sized Qi-Compliant Wireless Power Transmitter and Receiver Coils

    Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. expanded its offering of Qi-compliant wireless charging transmitter and receiver coils with the introduction of 14 new products in...

  5. 420

    High-Frequency Inductors for Automotive ECUs Offer High Reliability

    TDK says that the automotive industry is transitioning from an era where people drive cars to an era where people provide mobility...

  6. 181
    Power Components

    Paint-On Carbon Nanotube Antennas Found to be Comparable to Copper in Efficiency

    For wireless applications, carbon nanotube antennas are as efficient as copper, according to researchers at Rice University‘s Brown School of Engineering. Carbon...

  7. 865
    Motors and Control

    High-Voltage 3-Phase Integrated BLDC Motor Drive ICs for Consumer Devices

    Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device offers intelligent power devices and high-voltage analog switch ICs integrating high voltage output devices and control circuits on...

  8. 347
    Power Components

    New Approach for Making Lithium-Ion Supercapacitors Offers Optimization Potential

    Hybrid lithium-ion supercapacitors offer several distinct advantages compared to conventional supercapacitors. Like other supercapacitors, they can charge and discharge very quickly a...

  9. 282

    Multiphase Expander for Synchronous Boost DC-DCs Supports up to 4 Phases

    Analog Devices released the LT®8551, a multiphase expander for synchronous boost dc-dc converters. It operates together with any synchronous boost dc-dc converter....

  10. 195

    Automotive System Basis Chip Integrates CAN FD Controller and Transceiver

    Texas Instruments (TI) today introduced an automotive system basis chip that is claimed to be the industry's first to integrate a controller...

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