PowerPulse Product Perspective

Most-read new product stories in January from 5-, 10- and 15-years ago. Another PowerPulse exclusive.

  1. Schaefer Announces Rugged Transit Power Converter for Dead Start Cranking
  2. Fairchild Introduces IntelliMAX Load Switches for Longer Battery Life in Home & Diagnostic Metering Applications
  3. Avago Technologies Announces 2.5A Automotive Gate Drive Optocoupler
  4. Semtech Introduces Low Voltage Level Shifting I/O Expander Platform with Advanced LED Driver & Keypad Engine
  5. Ioxus Introduces 1,000-, 3,000- and 5,000-Farad Ultracapacitor Cells with Higher Power Densities
  6. Linear Tech High Speed Synchronous N-Channel MOSFET Driver Has Powerful Gate Drive for Buck or Boost DC-DC Converters
  7. Maxim Introduces High Side MOSFET Driver for High Voltage Applications
  8. Alpha & Omega Introduces High Output Voltage WLED Backlight Driver
  9. Intersil Introduces New Scalable Power Modules
  10. TI Introduces 12V Dual-Channel Synchronous Buck Converter with Integrated FETs
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