PowerPulse Product Perspective

Most-read new product stories in September from 5-, 10- and 15-years ago. Another PowerPulse exclusive.

  1. Micro Power Introduces SMC-65 Battery Charger Module
  2. Powerex Introduces Gate Drive Unit For NX-Series IGBT Family
  3. Linear Tech Adds 58V, 2A, 2.4MHz Step-Down DC-DC Converter
  4. Torex Releases LDO Regulators With Mounting Area Of 0.9 x 1.2mm & No Need For An Output Capacitor
  5. New Multiphase PWM Regulators From Intersil Deliver Optimal Voltage Regulation In Compact Packages For Intel Mobile CPUs
  6. STMicro Introduces Combined Audio Converter/Driver IC For Portable and Home Audio Products
  7. Fairchild Announces New Boost Switch For High-Frequency Step-Up DC-DC Designs
  8. Laird Releases Gigabit & Multi-port Injectors, DC-DC Converters, & General Purpose Splitter For Remote POE Functionality
  9. Positronic Introduces High Current Density Modular Power Connector
  10. Linear Tech Adds Dual 2.25MHz Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter With Programmable Input Current Limit
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