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1W to 3W AC-DCs feature 'Zero Cross Detection' Function

April 12, 2017

Zettler Magnetics announced the expansion of its successful line of ac-dc switch-mode power supply modules (SMPS) by introducing a special high-performance series. The HP series will initially be available for 1W-3 W output power, with various output voltages, and an extended input voltage range of 85- to 305-Vac.

In addition to the well-established benefits of the regular Zettler SMPS series that include easy plug-and-play, compact encapsulated design, universal input range, and ultra-low power consumption, the high performance HP series will feature extra wide ambient temperature capability, and an extended life time of MTBF over 1 million hours.

A special subset of the new HP series, the ‘X-Series’, features a patent pending zero-cross detection and monitoring capability, which supports increased efficiency of power thyristor circuits and extended component life time, e.g. for relays, if switching occurs at zero-crossing. In addition, certain sensing applications, such as those found in the ‘smart home’ market, require the elimination of 50/60 Hz noise which the zero-cross feature can help accomplish by synchronizing built-in A/D converters with the mains frequency.

Zettler Magnetics SMPS are deployed in a wide range of applications such as smart home controls, wireless switching, lighting controls (incl. LED boards), test and measurement devices such as smart meters, as well as a variety of white goods and appliances.

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