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200V GaN Power Transistor is 12x Smaller Than MOSFETs

Material Developments

May 26, 2017

Efficient Power Conversion Corp. (EPC) has announced the EPC2046 power transistor for use in applications including wireless power, multi-level ac-dc power supplies, robotics, solar micro inverters, and low inductance motor drives. The EPC2046 has a voltage rating of 200V and maximum RDS(on) of 25mΩ with a 55A pulsed output current.

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Industry News

48V-to-1V Conversion - the Rebirth of Direct-to-Chip Power

PCIM 2017

May 26, 2017

During last week's PCIM Europe event in Nuremberg, Germany, direct 48V-to-1V power conversion architectures were a significant topic, mostly outside of the exhibit floor. Vicor was quietly showing its latest generation of 48V direct-to-chip power components. Ericsson Power Modules and Efficient Power Conversion were holding invitation-only meetings where future designs of 48V direct to load power conversion architectures were the focus of the discussions. By the end of 2017, several vendors are expected to be offering dc-dc converters delivering 48V-to-1V direct conversion.

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May 4, 2017

For SiC, "Someday" Is Today

Kevin Speer, PhD
Global Manager, Tech Strategy & Bus Dev, Littelfuse, Inc.

At the component level, the biggest barriers are affordability, availability, and reliability. The expectation is that the principle of economies of scale will allow prices to fall substantially; as customer demand surges and broadens across multiple vertical markets, the raw material costs, which represent most of the cost of the end devices, will start to drop. Consequently, the price of components will also go down. Availability is changing constantly, with new entrants to the SiC supply base showing up at nearly every tradeshow.

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Friday Features

May 5, 2017

Solar Eclipse to Hammer U.S. Grid in August

The morning of Monday, August 21, 2017, a total eclipse of the sun will occur and is expected to have a dramatic impact on the electric grid in the U.S. The path of totality will extend from South Carolina on the East Coast to Oregon on the West Coast. California's San Juaquin and Coachella valleys, both key solar producing regions, will see coverage of around 76% and 62%, respectively. And, although it will be spared the full impact, California is planning for the potential of major disruptions in its grid as the production of electricity from photovoltaic installations falls from a normal level of over 8,700MW to 5,600MW while demand is rising by 1,300MW primarily due to the increased use of electric lights.

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