PowerPulse Product Perspective

Most-read new product stories in June from 5-, 10- and 15-years ago. Another PowerPulse exclusive.

  1. AnalogicTech Offers I²C-Based LED Driver IC For Handset Lighting
  2. IXYS Introduces High Power Density Schottky Diodes In Miniature Surface Mount (SMD) Packages
  3. Vishay Releases New 35W Thick Film Power Resistor With 0.01&Omega To 550kΩ Resistance Range
  4. Micrel Offers New Family Of Single Supply LDOs With Input Voltages As Low As 1.65V
  5. MRV Consolidates Remote Power, Device & Sensor Management To Simplify Out-Of-Band Management Of Remote Wireless Sites
  6. Falcon Electric Announces Lightweight Frequency & Phase Converters For Mobile Military Applications
  7. Linear Tech Announces High Power Multiphase Step-Up DC-DC Controller
  8. E-One Moli Introduces New Li-Ion Battery For Power Application
  9. Microchip Technology Introduces Low-Power, Auto-Zero Operational Amplifiers
  10. Intersil Announces Small Non-Volatile Push-Button Digitally-Controlled Potentiometers
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