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Designing in the Negative Space with 65W Step-Up PoLs

September 23, 2016

Space is a major concern for any power architect looking to add features and capacity to their designs. Power architects and board designers are constantly searching for ways to pack as many features and as much capacity as possible into electrical systems while also maintaining a reduced footprint. This creates quite the catch-22. GE is helping to free up valuable space by enabling the ability to design in the negative space with its new low- and high-voltage BoostLynx dc-dc step-up converters — also known as point-of-load (PoL) modules.

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Industry News

Thin-Film Battery Cost-Effectiveness is Increasing

September 23, 2016

EnFilm™ thin-film batteries from STMicroelectronics are a new concept of extremely thin (220 µm), rechargeable solid-state batteries with fast constant-voltage recharge and a lifetime of more than 10 years or 4000 cycles. They feature a LiCoO2 cathode, LiPON ceramic electrolyte and a lithium anode, on a 25.7 x 25.7 mm footprint so are completely safe from risks of burning or explosion.

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August 29, 2016

Does the Internet of Things mean that analog electronics is on the way out?

Steve Roberts
Technical Director, RECOM Engineering GmbH

The hype surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) is now reaching fever pitch. According to a model of modern technology evolution, it will soon hit the "peak of inflated expectations" before descending into the "trough of disillusionment" and finally levelling out to the "plateau of productivity". We know that we have reached the inflated expectations peak when we read comments like; "The Internet of Things will transform everything - in the future, the next generations will look at us and wonder how we ever survived our "dumb" homes". Considering that millions of people in the world make it through their lives quite satisfactorily without even the benefit of electricity, we can see how rash such comments are.

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Friday Features

December 31, 2015

Building Blocks for GaN Power Switches

A team of engineers from Cornell University, the University of Notre Dame and the semiconductor company IQE plc has created gallium-nitride (GaN) power diodes capable of serving as the building blocks for future GaN power switches — with applications spanning nearly all electronics products and electricity distribution infrastructures. Along with having many desirable features as a material, GaN is notorious for its defects and reliability issues. So the team zeroed in on devices based on GaN with record-low defect concentrations to probe GaN's ultimate performance limits for power electronics. They describe their results in a paper in the journal Applied Physics Letters.

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